Sun Comes Up

from by A-Mac & The Height

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Sun comes up, i'm a keep goin', growin', goin', groin'

Verse 1:
Hoppin on a train, my roots mundane
Sacrificin' a knowin', a showin' I'll be okay
No one to blame, na na, til brighter days
Forget the price that I paid, the struggle wasn’t in vein
Through all them cold nights, bitter fights, where was my mind then?
Livin' in a prison of mental walls and lonely hymns
Til I find my friends, my motivation
Music, yes my inspiration, contemplate my soul's decisions
Learn to love and live with them
I got love, and all is well
I find peace in knowing myself
Knowing mistakes make me grow, the more I know the less I know
Let the mic take control as I hear the beat flow


Verse 2:
With the lights down low, and the beat runnin' slow
So many things cloud my brain, the sound of stress insane
Daily tryin' to stay alive, sober joe or just get high
Where will I find my alibi when the dead end hits, and I'm without a ride?

For a every bad moment there's a better one to come
And it's not black and white, more like fact and fiction
What you make you create, though the lights seems to fade
The ship hit harbor safe, found us dancing in the rain
And we found the key to nothing, but it sure makes us laugh
Cuz' we found time to lose time and that time is well spent
The long road ahead, yes we took hand in hand
We took hand in hand, yes we took hand in hand
Though we barely could stand



from Part of It All, released June 7, 2017
Music & lyrics by Alex Mackenzie-Low
Engineered by Joshua Fairman at Scanhope Sound
Co-Produced by Alex Mackenzie-Low
Co-Engineered by Stephen Edwards
Mastered by Clark Smith
© Alex Mackenzie-Low 2017




A-Mac & The Height Denver, Colorado


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